50 Photos Edited in Lightroom



  1. You can easily edit the exposure and colours and other lighting things.
  2. You can select a specific subject to just edit that.
  3. There’s the healing tool.


  1. Lightroom has all the ‘Light’ editing tools in the first tab.
  2. The whole tool bar from Photoshop is not in light room except for masking and healing.
  3. You can rate photos and edit multiple at a time.

Jump Start Your Photography

  1. Go to the movies
  2. Try to learn a new lighting technique
  3. Look at popular photoblogs
  4. Go through your CD Covers
  5. Listen to your favourite music
  6. Take on a photo-a-day project
  7. Read an art magazine
  8. Shoot a sporting event
  9. Look 360
  10. Shoot for a holiday
  11. Reproduce art by the old masters
  12. See an art show
  13. Take on a photo assignment or challenge
  14. Shoot your family
  15. Shoot your favourite food
  16. Shoot in the dark
  17. Use a prop in an interesting way
  18. Tell a story in 5 pictures
  19. Shoot an ordinary item seven times, but make each one unique
  20. Take a self portrait

Online Conceptual Self Portrait

My Conceptual Self Portrait is a photo of our theatres lighting booth and headphones. Since the start of last school year, I’ve worked the lighting for our school shows, this is why I chose to have the light board in my photo. Theatre is a part of who I am, I spend all my free time in the theatre, and I love working the lights. I also chose to have headphones in the image because I love music. When I’m not at home I always have my headphones on and music playing, along with whatever is playing in the car. If I am at home, I won’t have my headphones on, but I will have music playing. Sometimes I’ll have more than just one thing playing, which most people don’t like, but it helps me focus. For example, I could have a Queen record playing, while a Hamilton CD is also playing, and then I could also have YouTube music playing in the background. The different types of music playing help me focus on my work or whatever I’m doing, but the moment my room goes silent, I will start getting distracted by anything.


I think her work is very out there. She really had a unique style of doing self-portraits, because not many photographers have it as their main style.