Close-Up Portraits

Beautiful, Photogenic, Crazy, Redhead, Silly, Talented
Simple, Moody, Strong, Funny, Serious, Sometimes Mature
Chaotic, Funny, Goofy, Trusting, Responsible, Happy

Masters of Photography: Carleton Watkins

I chose Carleton Watkins, because he is a monochrome landscape photographer. I love landscape photography, and prefer taking those kinds of photos. Looking at his photos interests me so much, because I enjoy looking at nature. To see the photos that he has taken is so fascinating to me. I find it interesting that most of his photos have similar looking trees in them. I wonder if he did this on purpose, like he tried to find places that had those trees, or if it was accidental and they just happened to be everywhere he went. The way he captured the world around him is so beautiful, even in his monochrome photos, you can see so much colour and life. For example, in his photo of Tasayac, the Half Dome, you can see ripples in the water and some of the tree tops at slight angles. This shows that there must have been wind, which gives the photo a little bit of a story, and little bit more life.

Triptych: Body Parts


I like that the monochrome makes the book details more visible. I like that because the books are dark grey, the photographer put a plain white background. I like that every photo has the books in a different orientation.

Advertising Photography

  1. Creatology
  2. Pipe cleaners
  3. Little Kids, Crafters, Teachers, Babysitters, and Hobbyists
  4. Michaels Magazine, JOANNs Magazine, any craft magazine or kids tv network
  5. Fill Flash and Backlighting
  6. Flowers made of Pipe Cleaners

Travel Poster

I would want to travel to Croatia (Hrvatska), because that is where my Grandparents, on my dads side, are from. I love my dads family, but I’ve never been to Croatia. I would love to see where they grew up, and where my family comes from.

Barbara Kruger Style

I want the viewer to feel confidence. I want them to know that no matter what, they should keep their head up through tough times, because they are strong enough to get through it.