DSLRs are different to “point and shoot” cameras because they have detachable lenses. Prime lenses only have one focal length. Zoom lenses have varying focal lengths. A wide angle focal […]

Framing A Subject

  I believe I do have good composition, besides framing, there are leading lines, and rule of thirds. I did a lot of editing with these photos. I used the […]

Digital Collage: All About Me

  This collage represents me because I put in images of my favourite things, and things that show my personality. On the right I added in a poster for the […]

On Location Portraits with Natural Light

  Beauty, Bright, Busy, Calm, Colourful, Contrast, Elegance, Exposure, Feminine, Floral, Freedom, Fun, Grace, Green, Happiness, Hidden, Life, Love, Patterns, Peace, Petals, Plants, Pink, Relaxed, Shadows

It is a portrait if you can see a person, and sense a story There are no specific rules to a portrait Good composition is a big part of a […]

Alternative Camera Angles

This photo was taken at a straight on angle, but the camera was turned. The angle of this photo makes it look like the man is on a balcony, looking […]


  The art piece I chose was Night Reading by Jacek Yerka. I chose it because I can personally connect to it, because I love to night read. Even without […]

Shadows and Light

This photo shows good light and shadow because you can see the flower in good light, and it has a very bold shadow in the background. This photo has good […]